Thirty isn’t a big deal.


Today is my birthday!

I’m done with my 20s. Does being 30 mean I’m a real grown up now?

Are there things I get to do now that I couldn’t before?

I mean, I had a bucket list of thirty things I wanted to do before thirty…  today I binned that list!

Why was thirty the cut off point?

I don’t feel anywhere near grown up enough to be turning thirty, nevermind finish a bucket list!

Kids were never in my plans.

I wanted to see the sun set over Angkor Wat, hike to Machu Picchu, spend a fortnight on safari, base jump in Arizona, free dive with sharks, sleep under the northern lights, experience Up Helly Aa, find hidden caves along the Portuguese coast, walk the Giant’s Causeway and so many more things… but life had other plans. Life wanted me to be a mother; fuck knows what drugs life was on when it decided that!

The way I see it though, those things aren’t going anywhere and I still have a (hopefully) long life ahead of me. I can cross things off and add things to… and maybe some of those things would be more memorable with the kids?

Imagine Aria’s face light up when giraffes join us for breakfast, or Roman’s joy being in the water with black tip reef sharks?

Sleeping under the northern lights could include a trip to Santa’s workshop. The pure magic of the snow covered forests. Getting the bestest cuddles from mega fluffy huskies.

We could talk a stroll through the wisteria tunnels in Kitakyushu.

We could watch the hot air balloon festival in Cappadocia.

We could ride camels to Ad Deir.

We could explore the ruins at Karnak.

So, here’s to turning 30, creating a new list to include the kids and enjoying the ride.


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