For the love of Christmas


You’d think the world was ending, the way everyone is at the moment.

But, it is Christmas and nothing’s going to bring me down. Nope. Not a thing.

No Scrooges here and no Grinches welcome.

Festive vibes only people!

Roman is getting really in to Christmas, finally, and I’m pretty sure that’s because Aria is excited about it.

Presents are wrapped, food is bought, everything is ready… all I have to do is put the presents out Christmas eve and cook the dinner on the day.

Being part German I’m gradually incorporating some of the traditions from Germany in to our family Christmas. We exchange small gifts on Christmas Eve, but leave Santa’s presents ’till Christmas Day.

We’ve taught the kids about Krampus. Which is not as bad as the films and viral social media videos make out.

Although I am wondering how long it’ll be before we have to face the truth about Santa…

Is he real?

Here’s where Dean and I have butted head over what to tell the kids.

What do we tell them??

To me, there’s no faking it. Santa is, or was, real.

Saint Nicholas was a real man who gave rise to the legend of Santa Claus.

We’ve got Arthur Christmas in the hopes to use that for some inspiration, should the time come. His decendants taking over is a fabulous idea for how to explain how one man lives for centuries… but maybe not how he gets to everyone. Hmm.

I personally love the idea of telling them about Saint Nicholas, what he did and that we keep giving gifts at Christmas because of him.

I’m sure we’ll crack it…

Next year we’ll have the right balance of English and German traditions, and a plan in place for if Aria questions Santa’s existence.

For this year though, let’s enjoy Christmas.

Enjoy the innocence and magic of it all.

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, I hope you have a good one.

Festive love to you all.



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