Thank you, 2018!


I may never forgive you for taking Stan Lee from us or killing off Spiderman, but you’ve had some good points.

Aria’s photos were requested by Warner Bros TV for a DC Superhero Girls ad to air at San Diego Comic Con.

I got to see Travis Pastrana and co at Nitro Circus, which was epic!

I turned 30 and I’m OK with that.

Funfetti Events was born, and the first public event was a hit with our guests.

There were many a road trip during the sunmer holidays.

I learnt to open up.

I made some wonderful new friends.

Although I think my favourite moment might be when Roman starting sleeping through the night…

You’ve also had some low points.

We lost family members and friends.

Aria had to deal with trauma.

I decided to close my accessories business.

Abnormal cells were found.

The car was shat on by a baboon…

Ultimately, I discovered somethings simply aren’t meant to be.

But, upon reflection, you’ve taught me what I need to work on.

So, here’s to 2019.

May you not fuck this up.


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