Men; You’re Hot AF Too!

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Yes, being body positive is not just for females.

Body positivity is for everybody. Every body.

Men have body confidence and self esteem issues too.

A lot of men are insecure about various parts of their bodies.

I ran a small survey recently asking men what made them insecure about their bodies and their answers are parallel to that of women I know.

I did this, partly because I was curious but mostly to prove a point that it’s not just women who have insecurities.

Men are worried about the size of their chests. Are their pecks ‘manly’ enough? Do they have tits?

Do they have a beer belly? Are they toned?

Oh and the breakouts!! Skin concerns for their backs as well as faces were a big thing. One mentioned a breakout on his arse, but he also mentioned that his GP has given him something to clear it up.

A number mentioned love handles and one also linked them to the dimples on his back.

I had one lad message me because it wouldn’t fit the box on stories, but basically he was worried he had too many tattoos and now worries it would put girls off!! Let me pause for a second and say this will never be an issue. Yes some girls may be put off by a lot of tattoos but more girls fawn over them, especially when they have meanings and tell stories.

I was shocked by the responses that kept coming. Skinny arms, skinny legs, flat arse, limp hair, bad hair, dry skin, too hairy, not hairy enough… so many issues.

But guys, it really is OK to think you’re hot as fuck!

Don’t let images of Jason Momoa get to you. Not  gonna lie, he does it for me but he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. What appeals to one will not appeal to anther.

That was the other thing.

Males in the public eye made everyday men feel inferior; something 99% of women can relate to.

You rarely see male targeted adverts using ‘plus size’ models unless it’s a company specialising in products from plus size men. Gillette tend to use athletes, Calvin Klein tends to used ripped models/actors/music artists, I mean most of the male clothing posters feature trim and toned models. Even footwear and fragrance ads for men use men who are conventionally good looking, who fit a ‘desirable’ mould.

While the fashion world is changing to be more inclusive of women with different figures, the same can’t be said for men’s fashion. Plus sized male models are yet to get the same recognition as their female counterparts.

It’s no wonder the men in our lives have body positivity issues. They also have it put to them on a daily basis that they should look a certain way to be desirable.

Even boys toys are trimmed and toned. Look at Action Man for fucks sake! I’m yet to see a toy for boys that isn’t built like a personal trainer.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing the men that are trimmed and toned, far from it, but what I am saying is that you don’t need to look like action man to get attention or to be attractive or to learn to love yourself.

Even the ripped athletic types will have their own body confidence issues. Maybe they think their ears are too big or their voice is too squeeky? Who knows.

Fellas, like I’ve said before, if you feel you to change somethings about you, about your body, do it for you and your well being (mentally and physically) before anyone else. No one else matters.

Outside opinions matter just as much as the opinion of fleas.

You all deserve to be happy in your skin, to love yourselves and to embrace your ‘flaws’.

After all, male body confidence matters too.


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