Wanna Know What Pissed Me Off This Week?


Fair warning, I swear A LOT in this post… and I’m not even sorry.

Slutdrop – who the fuck came up with that term? Can they not see how fucked up it is? Squats are not ‘slutdrops’. I’d love to know what went through the head of whoever made that up when they decided it’d be a good idea. Dick. I don’t even know why it pissed me off so much… it just brings me back to slut shaming and making me think about the “provocative” actions women are perceived to have.

The word ‘thinspiration‘. It’s one of those words that seems harmless but is actually helping no one with eating disorders and the fact that influencers, “nutritionists”, PTs and diet groups use this word to “inspire” their followers and clients is just manipulative bullshit. These people are feeding on your self loathing while pretending to care about body positivity.

Old men complaining about sagging body parts on women. Age happens, ageing happens and men sag just as much when they get older! What, does he think his arse is still a pert peach crying out for a bite? Fuck. No. Guarantee his balls are a lot lower than they were in his 20s too.

The rain. Was it not just complete overkill for it to carry on for so long? Just as spring seemed to have finally sprung Mother Nature decided to fuck shit up again with a few storms; one after the other. The dog refused to go for a walk. The boy child complained on every single school run. Ain’t motherhood a fucking joy?

When Instagram deleted my account “by mistake”. How? How does that actually happen? If I posted porn, or bullied people, or shared confidential information I could understand… I still haven’t had a reason why other than it was a “mistake”.

Speaking of Instagram… Follow unfollowers and follow tracker apps. Following to get followers is just shit, social media needs to get back to being social and quick cause this internet popularity competition is fucked up! Stop. Stop looking at the numbers, STOPS craving attention, start interacting! These follower tracking apps are shit too, if you use them to unfollow everyone who doesn’t follow you you may end up looking like a twatty follow unfollower, especially if you follow people recommended on follow Fridays.

Racism. I mean, this pisses me off all the time but this past week or so it seems to have exploded all over the place! I blame Brexit and Trump.

The shooting in New Zealand. People should be safe from terror in all forms. Terrorists are not a religion, they are not a race, they are terrorists plain and simple. They are a scourge on this planet and we should not allow them to feel validated.

Women thinking pestering their man to “last longer” is acceptable. Now, I use the term women loosely because a real women doesn’t give a shit about the size of your dick OR how long you last in bed. A real woman won’t care about any of that. What you do with it is more important than how long you can go and education is key! Men and women need to educate themselfs on pleasuring each other. Men who don’t care if a woman orgasms also piss me off. Fellas, your pleasure isn’t the only thing that matters.

Bad Doms. Find the door and exit the planet please!! For the love of the kink God, GTFO! Linking back to men who only care about their own orgasms… your self satisfaction is not paramount. You need to take a moment to learn about dynamics, trust, boundaries and what it really means to be a Dom.

FUCKING BREXIT. “We want out of the EU but have no idea what the really means for the country, it’s economy or health and welfare systems.” It’s so close, it’s basically round the corner and do we actually know what’s happening yet? Like actually know?? Why is it still so obscure??? Fuck.


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